Yoshika and Tsugumi are a sister duo from Ebetsu, Hokkaido. From young age the girls have been influenced by the music of their parents. Their father used to listen to traditional Japanese music and Yoshika really liked the intense lyrics. Their mother on the other hand listened to classic music. The first time the girls came in touch with hiphop and RnB was when Yoshika was in Junior High and got to listen to artists such as LL Cool J, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg. Before they became SOULHEAD, They were known as Batti Baas. In 2001, they debuted with a vinyl single titled "Lovin' You," released through Handcuts Records, featuring Aaron Blackmon. This track was a rendition of the classic by Minnie Riperton. Following this, in February 2002, they released a CD single titled "Inside Out" via Tokuma Japan Communications. They’re signed at the Sony Music Associated Records (Japan), a division of the Japanese branch of Sony. They have been send abroad for a year to Australia and New Zealand to improve their English and to work on their sound. Their music is being best described as a blend of between various genres such as soul, hip-hop, R&B;, dancehall, reggae and funk. They usually work with a production team known as Octopussy. In August 2002, their debut single "STEP TO THE NEW WORLD" gained FM/CS POWERPLAY on 26 stations nationwide (including over 30 supportive stations with program PUSH, etc.). Their pre-debut analog single, released as a limited edition, quickly topped the weekly sales charts at major analog shops, shocking Japan with their ultimate sister duo sound. Their first album, "Oh My Sister", released in March 2003 and debuted at number 3 on the Oricon charts, achieving over 300,000 copies sold, making it a huge hit. That summer, "GET UP!" was selected as the ending theme for director Itsutsu's "Geroppa!" and also became a hit. They successfully held their first live performances in five cities across Japan that summer, and also released a RE-CONSTRUCTING ALBUM / LIVE DVD. During this time, YOSHIKA produced music for artists such as Sowelu, Crystal Kay, and Ken Hirai, while TSUGUMI took her first steps into producing her own tracks. Additionally, OCTOPUSSY, the sound producer, rose to the position of a top producer within just one year, handling production for Ken Hirai, Chemistry, Crystal Kay, and others. In January 2004, their release "YOU CAN DO THAT" was featured in a Menard commercial, achieving hit status. Then, their second album "BRAIDED," released in April of the same year, reached number 4 on the Oricon charts, selling over 200,000 copies within two weeks of its release. As the curtain rose on their 3rd SEASON in 2005, the sisters had prepared approximately 80 songs. Up to that point, SOULHEAD had created well over 200 songs. From July 2005, they successfully conducted a club circuit tour in 13 locations across Japan, and their single released in December, "SPARKLE☆TRAIN/Got To Leave," became hits as the theme songs for Alpen and Camellia Diamond commercials. Also in December, they collaborated for the first time as SOULHEAD with Koda Kumi on "DDD" and "XXX". Besides providing music, they also performed together, creating a significant buzz. Their third album "Naked," released on March 8, 2006, debuted at number 5 on the Oricon charts. With three consecutive albums ranking in the top 5, they solidified their position as artists. A much-anticipated national tour was held from May to July. Furthermore, on June 21, 2006, they released RE-CONSTRUCT ALBUM Vol.2 "CRYSTALLIZED". They invited top producers and musicians from both domestic and international scenes, receiving immense praise from various quarters. In December, they released the first X'mas Special Issue, "Kimi no Kiseki/Itsumademo…," featuring solo tracks from each sister, which sparked conversations. After a four-year break, they unveiled a fresh album titled "SOULHEAD" under Avex Group on February 24, 2010, following their transfer from SMEJ. Their second Avex album, "Jump Up the Wall," was released on September 28, 2011, marking their most recent release to date. SOULHEAD's outstanding musical expression spans from R&B/Hip Hop to territories of Rock/AOR/Gospel, transcending the boundaries of Japanese music expression, creating a passion and groove that surpasses anything seen before. Skillfully maneuvering between Japanese and English, SOULHEAD elevates Japanese music to the next level. Their earnestly positive emotions and deeply poignant lyrics stir listeners' emotions, unleashing a storm of GOOD MUSIC.



Oh My Sister

GET UP! ep




Jump up the Wall




Oh My Sister(Remix)/ I'm going down




Like A Queen ft. SOULHEAD



Pray/ XXX feat.倖田來未


Dear Friends

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