“Dj Lady Tribe” is officially taking over with her looks to kill and a sound that intoxicates your auditory perception. DJ Lady Tribe twists, turns, and spins a sound so tight she literally annihilates even the fiercest of competition. With sick combinations of hip hop…top40… mash-ups…electro…and house, this dj is proving that she is at the top of her game. With a sophistication and flair, Lady Tribe’s reputation precedes her natural talent and skill at the helm of the turntables. She spent her childhood in Los Angeles, CA where she would grow to cultivate and develop the artistic flair that would lead her through several forms of artistic expression. True to artistic tradition, Lady Tribe spent her earlier years straining to assert her creative independence. A gifted student, she spent time at local magnet schools and performing arts schools where she grew bored and defiant. She needed another outlet to express her own creativity. Although, She didn’t have to search long. LA’s grey palette of street lights and concrete quickly provided the perfect outlet: Graffiti art.

It was not long before Lady Tribe’s artistic genius began to shine through…from tagging to bombing to the more fragile piecing, Lady Tribe took what was known as simple street art to a gallery level. Unfortunately, as her creative ability heightened, she found herself getting into a bit of trouble with the law while trying to experience the thrilling canvas of streets. Having grown up with the frustration of being simply just another pretty face, Lady Tribe had always longed for an artistic distinction between beauty and true talent. Little did she know, she was about to be introduced to the another love of her life: the twist and spin of a beat that made her blood pump hard and her head nod with the musical intoxication of creative delight…the turntable. Initially, Lady Tribe’s battle for existence in the male-dominated profession of professional djing was a fierce struggle in order to establish herself and her talent in LA’s cut-throat club scene. She began by simply handing out her mixtape for free and djing for local clubs in order to build up a reputation for herself. As her knowledge of the industry grew, so did her style which came to encompass a musically wicked combination of hip hop, top40, mash ups, electro, and house.

The Los Angeles Times Newspaper hailed her on the coverpage as holding the floor like a senator.  Experience and reviews such as these led to her invitation to rock some of the most notorious clubs in the country…from Hollywood’s A-list such as Les Deaux, Ivar, Playboy Mansion to  Las’s Vegas’s, Club Rain, Voodoo Lounge, Tao, Ice, Harrah’s…and countless more. After several years of sharpening her craft, it was clear to the club scene that the Lady Tribe’s aptitude for musical re-invention set her atop the industry’s most respected professionals as a master of the craft; a Core DJ. This reputation combined with her sheer taste for ambition lead to over 60 tour shows cross country and the ability to work with an A-list of multiplatinum artists such as Pitbull, Ciara, Rhianna, Twista, Slim Thug, Lil Jon, T.I., The Game, and Chingy…just to name a few.  Un-phased by popularity yet inspired by creative aspiration, the Lady Tribe forged on to become an integral member of the “MURDA MAMIS”, a movement of prominent women in the game of pro djing which includes the likes of Dj Lazy K, Remy Martin (Terror Squad), Shawnna (DTP), Rah Digga, La La (MTV) and many other industry women involved in the music profession all over the country.And is a member of the "Core Dj's"known as the most influential dj's in the world. At this point in her career, Lady Tribe has evolved to iconic proportions. Not only an artist but also a business professional, she recognized her own potential when she ambitiously inspired the Dj Lady Tribe doll, as well as a collectible frate train featuring her very own graffiti artwork…not to mention the character based upon her likeness in the popular PS2 game, Grand Theft Auto SAN ANDREAS. Her business prowess continues to evolve as she lands promotional ‘dreamspots’ such as the cover of Lowrider Magazine, Lux G (Japan),  Rix (NY), King, Smooth, DUB, 944, and others too numerous to mention.

Although she has never considered herself a model, Lady Tribe inventively recruits both shoots and various acting roles in order to promote her name and notoriety as one of the djing profession’s biggest names on the scene. Her movie credits include roles in FAST N FURIOUS 4, Training Day, S.W.A.T, Party Animals, Yadada, Platinum Illusion Primos, and a recent stint djing in Cholo Super Comedy Jam. As a compliment to this experience, her television exploits include hosting and guest appearing in shows such as “La Onda tv”, “the Drop”, “Rock of Love”, and “The Roof”. Throughout her career, Lady Tribe has worked tirelessly to establish herself as one of the most talented and well-respected figures in the djing industry and along the way has not only forged a creative name for herself and her talent, but also a reputation for professionalism, tenacity, and business-know-how in an industry in which one must not only build a name…but take over it!

-Dj LadyTribe

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