retro gaming

Project2612 A website where you can download VGMs from SEGA genesis titles.

Cutting Room Floor A website dedicated to game prototypes and cut content.

Hidden Palace Similar to the cutting room floor.

Sega Retro A website dedicated to the history of SEGA.

photo editing

Picmix A Blingee style photo editor.

Photomash A glitchcore styled photo editor.


Winamp Skins Where you can find skins to use for your winamp player.

Cursors 4u A variety of cool cursors.


Jet Set Radio Live A radio website where you can listen to music from jet set radio.

Nightwave Plaza A radio website that plays vaporwave.

Vocalremover Removes vocals from audio tracks and many more.

Every Noise at Once Lists every music genre known to man.

Citizen DJ Thousands of audio samples that are free to use.


Sara Schwartz Sara Schwarz was an illustrator from the Y2K era who has worked with Anna Sui, Vogue Korea and many others. Her site has not updated since 2001.

Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute Lists varied aesthetics starting from the 1950s to now.