Manba (マンバ)

Manba is a substyle that branched off from Ganguro and Yamanba and became popular from 2003 to 2004. The style is very bright and colorful from head to toe. Albarosa became a popular brand for Manba gyaru to dress in as the blanket coat became an iconic fashion piece. The makeup uses very thick eyeliner with white usually above and below the eyes and lips, stickers and gems on the cheeks, and deep-tanned skin (salon or fake tan).

Banba (バンバ)

Banba are gyaru that dress like Barbie dolls. It was popularized by Gal-Cir, Angeleek. The style is a more calmer and glamourous version of manba. The hair is usually honey blonde or brown with highlights, the makeup is reminicent to ganguro makeup with only white on the eyes and nose and a nude or white lip, and they usually wear clubwear.

Romanba (ロマンバ)

Romanba is a manba gyaru who dresses in a lolita and/or romantic style.

Kigurumin (キグルミン)

Manba who dress in animal constumes.

Serenba (セレンバ)

Manba who dress in the style of a celebrity. They usually wear luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Prada.

Coconba (ココンバ)

Manba who primarily dress in the brand COCOLULU.