Ganguro (ガングロ)

Ganguro are gyaru that have deep salon tans, bleach blonde or orange hair, and use white concealer on their eyes and lips. The style was popular from 1997 to 2001. The literal translation of ganguro means black face. The style was inspired by Ai Iijima, an AV actress turned TV show host.

Gonguro & Bechiguro (ゴングロ&ベチグロ)

Gonguro is a very short-lived substyle, only lasting about a year (1999-2000). It is like ganguro but the tan is darker and usually is a fake tan. Gonguro gyaru would use tanning lotion, shoe polish, or even foundation marketed for black women. The style became popularized by a former egg model named Buriteri. Buriteri's style was so popular, the she would become the face of the ganguro/gonguro/yamanba scene. She stopped doing ganguro because of bullying by the media. Gonguro was also influenced by the popularity of Hip Hop culture. Bechiguro is an even darker version of gonguro.

Yamanba (ヤマンバ)

Yamanba are gyaru that have a very deep tan and have silver or white hair. Yamanba are named after the yokai Yama-Uba, who is a mountain woman with long white hair.