Para Para (パラパラ)

Para Para is a synchronized dance style originating in Japan's club scene in the 80's. In the early days, Para Para was associated with Italo-disco and Euro dance. Now Para Para is associated with Eurobeat, Techno (Techpara), and Trance (Torapara/Trapara). The dance involves highly choreographed arm and leg movements, often incorporating repetitive and rhythmic motions. There is offical choreography made by clubs or groups, and there is maniac choreography where people create their own moves. Para Para was most popular from the late 90's to the late 2000's.

Gyaru Circle (ギャルサー)

Gyaru circles are formed by individuals who share a common interest in gyaru fashion, lifestyle, and culture. These circles often provide a sense of belonging and a platform for gyaru enthusiasts to interact, share tips, showcase their fashion styles, and participate in various activities together. There are two types of circles: Ive-circles and Nago-circles. Gyaru circles may organize events, outings, or meetups where members can socialize, take photos, and celebrate their shared interest in the gyaru subculture.

Active and inactive gyaru circles