Gyaru is a japanese subculture that is heavily inspired by western fashion and pop culture. The word "Gyaru" is the transliteration of the english word, gal. It was originally popular from the early 90s to early 2010s but has resurged in popularity in 2019. The term gyaru was first to be used for wrangler’s brand of women’s jeans called Gals. During japan’s bubble economy, Girls would wear skin-tight clothing like bodycon dresses. Terms like pichi pichi gal(ピチピチギャル) and ike ike gal(イケイケギャル) was used at this time. During the early 90s, Teamers(チイマ) started to appear. The girlfriends of teamers were the earliest form of kogals. In the mid-90s, a young singer named Namie Amuro would become popular. She is considered to have popularized the kogyaru look.

*This mini wiki was created for educational purposes. I do not support the cultural appropriaton, colorism, nor blackfishing in gyaru.*