Hey Cousins!!!! My name's Zippy. I'm a 21 y.o. gonguro gyaru with a passion for web design. I started this site when I was 17. I like to think that I'm an open-minded person, I'm OVERTLY goofy, and I put a lot of parmisean cheese on my pizza cuz it's soooo goood (─‿‿─). I like to collect gyaru magazines, retro games, cellphones, CDs and Vinyls. Thank you for viewing my lil site!


Snacks: Hot popcorn, Cheez-It, Goldfish

Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Chartreuse, Orange

Musicians atm: Double, 800 Cherries, Gartex

Mangaka: Kyoko Okazaki, Moyoco Anno, Ai Yazawa, Erica Sakurazawa

Brands: Jassie, ROXY, My favorite Tiara, ssstufff, ANAPUSA

Patterns: Polka dot, Madras, Cow print

Music genres: Hardcore Techno, Shibuya-kei, J-Rnb, Classic House, VGM, Elecroclash